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Adrian Alarcon
Coordinator - Latin America


Coordinator for beginners level - Beginners’ Class Teacher Training and intermediate level - Yoga Sport Class Teacher Training for South America, methodical teacher for Yoga Sport Class, former owner of Bikram Yoga Merepec and president of Mexican Yoga Sport Federation.

Adrian Alarcon has been practicing yoga for 23 years. He has taught almost 7,000 Beginner's Classes in the past 16 years. He has been Mexico's National Yoga Champion twice and has ranked 7th place in IYSF Internationals. He has also been certified as A - Level Judge, judging cups in Mexico and Canada, and has been MC for one IYSF Continental Exhibition and two World Cups (on-line and Live from India).

Adrian is also a professional actor with experience in theatre, film, television and series, twice awarded by the Mexican Critic's Association.

He is passionate about the yoga practice and pedagogy, and this reflects in his classes, precise, demanding and uplifting. His preparation as a performer helps him with awareness, connection and management of group energy, and this adds up to the experience he can share with future teachers.

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