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Regional Program Dates

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NORTH AMERICA (USA - California): March 17th - 30th, 2024

with Kim Tang, Almania Colombo, Adrian Alarcon

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EUROPE (Czech Republic - Prague): April 29th - May 10th, 2024 

with Kim Tang, Almania Colombo, Erik Persson and Tereza Bonnet-Senkova


For certified beginners' class teachers full program/2 weeks onsite - 2500 USD

For everyone who attended IYSF A-Level Coach Training Program /2 weeks onsite - 1500 USD


For all yoga sport enthusiasts: class and drills only/ 2 weeks training (9:30am - 3:30pm)

- 1500 USD/per week - 850 USD/per day - 140 USD


This year’s Intermediate Yoga Sport Class program is a full-time onsite version of last year’s online IYSF Coach Training, which was attended by 38 trainees from around the globe.


The 90-minute / 55 posture Yoga Sport Class is an intermediate version of the 90-minute Beginners’ Class and is an ideal bridge between the Beginners’ practice and the challenging Classic 84 series.


There is also a 60-minute / 41 posture version of the Yoga Sport Class that is suitable for all hot yoga schools’ schedules. This shorter, and more accessible class, helps guide the practitioner towards competition training, brings their practice to another level, while inspiring the whole studio community.


After creating a  Coaching Manual, for official IYSF coaches, with hundreds of videos of opening exercises and drills taught by our teachers Kim Tang, Kru Knot and Erik Persson, a decision was made to run a proper on-site teacher training, to train and certify our trainees to teach the Intermediate Yoga Sport Class, and help spread awareness of this class throughout our worldwide studio community.


The Intermediate Yoga Sport Class Teacher Training is a 2 - week onsite program for certified Beginners’ Class tradition teachers who have been teaching for at least one year. This program is only conducted, on-site, in two regions - Europe and North America.


Yoga sport practitioners, and enthusiasts of the advanced yoga practice are welcome to join with us for the first practical part of the day, attending our 90-minute Yoga Sport Class, and the 2.5 hour Skills and Drills session. 


Each regional training program will be run by an experienced senior teacher - Yoga Sport World coordinator, with the assistance of dedicated official guest teachers responsible for teaching the Yoga Sport Class, Skills and Drills session

and Instruction session (dialog learning).


Typical Schedule:

Monday to Friday


  8:30 am -   9:30 am - Instruction Session

10:00 am - 11:30 am - Yoga Sport Class

11:30 am -   1:00 pm - Lunch

  1:00 pm -   3:30 pm - Skills and Drills

  4:00 pm -   5:30 pm - Instruction Session

  6:00 pm -   7:30 pm - Instruction Session



Anatomy session

Anatomy Posture Principles

Hanna Persson (Sweden)

IYSF A-Level Coach

Respiratory system

Nervous System

Muscles, Joints and Movements



Forward Compressions




In addition to classes, and the Skills & Drills sessions of our Intermediate Yoga Sport Class Teacher Training, Hanna Persson will be presenting Anatomy Posture Principles.  Her lecture presents the anatomical connections and physiological functions relating to the yoga postures. She will guide you through a few chosen key anatomy topics and how they relate to the yoga practice. 


She will group the postures according to Yoga Sport Competition Categories (Tractions, Backbends, Forward Compressions, Twists, Inversions and Lifts), and explain the anatomy behind the postures and the positive impact they have upon our body’s organ systems. The information is just one of many tools you will be given, during the Intermediate Yoga Sport Class teacher training, that will help you to become a more effective Yoga Teacher.

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