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For certified beginners’ class hot yoga teachers, onsite, coinciding with weeks 2&3 of the Beginners’ TT program /1200 USD

Regional Program Dates

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AUSTRALASIA (Australia - Melbourne): August 14 - 25, 2023

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LATIN AMERICA (Mexico - Mexico City):  September 18 - 29, 2023

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NORTH AMERICA (USA - San Francisco):  September 11 - 22, 2023

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EUROPE (Czech Republic - Prague):  October 2 - 13, 2023

In addition to the Beginners’ Class Teacher Training Program, all four regions will present  a two-week Teaching Upskilling Program, available to all certified beginners’ class hot yoga teachers.

The Original Hot 90-minute Beginners’ Class has been a common experience of many hot yoga teachers, IYSF members, and yoga sport competition participants, around the world over many years. We have, therefore, decided to help protect this special therapeutic yoga practice by conducting a Yoga Sport World Teaching Upskilling Program, for certified yoga teachers, under the supervision of the IYSF President, Rajashree Choudhury.


Each regional training program will be run by an experienced senior teacher - Yoga Sport World coordinator, with the assistance of one official guest teacher, onsite, and responsible for delivering information-based content each week.


● 2 weeks on-site, in-person program (coinciding with weeks 2 & 3 of the Beginners’ Class Teacher Training)

● Two 90-minute Beginners’ Classes a day

● 1.5-hour lecture on Posture technique with Tereza Bonnet-Senkova (first week) and Yoga Therapeutics by Rajashree Choudhury (second week)

● 4 hours of daily teaching skills instruction sessions with senior teachers:

      Europe: Almania Colombo, Erik Persson, and Tereza Bonnet-Senkova 

      Latin America: Adriana Beltran, and Adrian Alarcon 

      North America: Lynn Whitlow, and Tereza Bonnet-Senkova

      Australasia: Susan & Michael Houghton, and Tereza Bonnet-Senkova



Monday to Friday


08:00 am - 09:30 am - Instruction Session (teaching upskilling)

10:00 am - 11:30 am - Beginners' Class

11:30 am -   1:00 pm - Lunch

  1:00 pm -   2:30 pm – In-person Content Lecture in the studio (Posture technique with Tereza Bonnet-Senkova (first week),

                                  and Yoga Therapy by Rajashree Choudhury (second week)

  3:00 pm -   5:30 pm - Instruction Session (teaching upskilling)

  6:00 pm -   7:30 pm - Beginners’ Class 



  • The Teacher Upskilling Program will provide a continuing education opportunity to all certified hot yoga teachers, so that they may increase their knowledge base and teaching competency.

  • This qualification will also open up a further opportunity, for those teachers who wish to continue further training, to become Intermediate Yoga Sport Class teachers.


Participants’ Pre-Registration Requirements:

●  Proof of certification from any previous Beginners’ Class teacher training.

Program Completion Requirements:

●  100% in-person attendance of all classes, lectures, and instruction sessions during the 2-week Teaching Upskilling Program 



●  YSW Certificate of attendance and completion of the Teaching Upskilling Program

Content Lectures




Posture Technique

Tereza Bonnet-Šenková (Czech republic)

IYSF Head of Technical Committee

To become a capable teacher, it is essential to understand each posture and the vital importance of careful guidance into correct alignment.


Technical information about the postures will be discussed by according to the associated spinal movement:

  • Day 1 - General principles

  • Day 2 - Tractions

  • Day 3 - Tractions and twists

  • Day 4 - Backbends

  • Day 5 - Forward compressions


Each posture will be divided into 3 parts:

  • A slow and carefully guided movement into each posture, with an emphasis on alignment rather than depth.

  • A moment of focus, breath, and stillness within each posture

  • A slow and carefully guided movement out of each posture


By refining their understanding of the postures, teachers will improve their own practice, and become more confident in giving basic instructions, as well as individual verbal corrections to those students who are ready to move beyond the general instructions.


Upskilling teachers will be given an opportunity to deliver their Instructions and receive feedback suggestions on their energy, connection, voice management, and body language.


​There will be time for a Q&A at the end of each session.


Yoga Therapy

Rajashree Choudhury (USA)

IYSF President

As yoga increases in popularity, an appreciation of the therapeutic application is also growing.

Long ago Hatha Yogis used asana to prepare and cleanse the body to be more adept for meditation.


At the turn of the 19th century, renowned yoga teachers like T. Krishnamacharya, Swami Kuvalayananda, and Bhishu Ghosh, among others, began to promote the health benefits of yoga.


Today, even associations like the American College of Physicians (ACP) recommend that physicians and patients initially select non-drug therapy,  including exercise routines like yoga, for the treatment of back pain.


Yoga Therapy is a growing field and the founder of IYSF, Rajashree Choudhury, has a Yoga Therapist Certification, from the International Association of Yoga Therapy.  She believes that introducing yoga at an early age may help ameliorate, and avoid problems that arise on one’s life journey, and she continues to promote the positive impact of yoga on the physical health of the mind, body, and soul.


From the Ghosh College, with their long history of prescribing yoga asana as a therapy for improving quality of life, came the inspiration for the Beginners' Yoga Class.


Rajashree will explore with you her passion and experience with Yoga and Yoga Therapy during her 5 Yoga Therapy content lectures:

  • Mission of a yoga teacher, Assessment & Yoga therapy

  • Mental health, Trauma, and Physical pain

  • Basic Yoga Therapy, and Prāṇāyāma

  • Modifications for injuries, and more, for the Beginners’ Class (first part)

  • Modifications for injuries, and more, for Beginners’ Class (second part)

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