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Rajashree Choudhury

IYSF President

Born in Kolkata, living in Los Angeles since age 19, Rajashree’s background is

a true blend of the East and West. She began her yoga journey at the age

of  4 years old with Dr P. S. Das and his sister Dr. Kushala Das, renowned Yogis in Calcutta at the Mahila Yoga Bayayam Kendra. At 10,  after  meeting Bishu (Bishnu Ghosh's son), she started attending the Ghosh College where she grew up as a yogini. Her passion for yoga was amplified through her participation in yoga championships. Rajashree is a multi-winner of the National Indian Yoga Championship and the 1st Bishnu Ghosh challenge Trophy (champion of Champions). After her marriage in 1984, she moved to Los Angeles and began a long teaching career. In 1994 with Bikram, Rajashree co-founded Bikram Yoga’s Teacher Training Program and started teaching the bi-annual teachers’ training. 

Commemorating Bishnu’s 100 Birthday, and inspired by the West Bengal Yoga Federation Founder Mr Kamal Bhandari, she created the USA Yoga Federation and the International Yoga Sports Federation. In 2003 they organized the first International Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Cup in the US, hosted by the World Yoga Foundation. 

Rajashree has a degree in Yoga-therapy and holds a C-IAYT certification with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Rajashree is an Associate of Sukrut India, having completed the 03-phase professional internship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She continues her work as the founding member and president of IYSF, elevating its mission to promote, unify, and boost interest in Yoga Asana globally.

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