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Michael and Susan Houghton

Through 75+ years of life, and 50+ years of marriage, we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to live in several very diverse countries.

These have been English and non-English speaking, with familiar and unfamiliar cultures…USA, Philippines, Japan, New Zealand, and of course Australia.

From this experience, we have learned that while people may differ, in culture, race, religion, politics, or simply unique individuality, underneath it all, everyone has a capacity, and a need, to love and be loved.

After nearly 15 years, our passion remains to provide our studio community with one of the most effective and accessible therapeutic yoga practices in the world, the original 90-minute Bikram Yoga class.

By teaching, and regularly practicing Bikram Yoga, we will continue supporting both our students, and ourselves.

In doing so, we will all best achieve, and maintain, the physical/mental strength and flexibility needed to care for those we love, and to allow us all to:

• ADAPT to the ever-changing world around us
• EVOLVE as caring, compassionate, loving individuals
• OVERCOME every challenge we face
• THRIVE in both the easy and most difficult periods of our lives

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